Best Free Logo Maker

4 Reasons Logo Maker Should Be Your Choice When Looking for The Best Free Logo Maker Software

It’s not uncommon to see new business owners choosing free logo download software to create their business logos. The reason is they don’t want to burn money at the onset to hire a custom logo designer to create their logos. Time is also of the essence to them, so they want to create logos quickly. If you’re a new business owner, one of the best free logo maker software that you should consider is Logomaker. Here are reasons why free logo maker is a great choice:

a)   The logo maker software comes with top-notch customer service and support

Most free logo maker generators have a reputation for offering poor customer service. This is because they are offering the service for free, so they don’t want to add up their costs by hiring customer service and support staff. Logomaker is different. Once you’ve created your logo, you’re free to get in touch with them and ask any questions. They will provide the answers quickly. Also, if you wish to make changes to your final design, you can contact them, and they’ll help.

b)   Logomaker generator comes with numerous icons to choose from

For your logo to pop these days, it must contain an icon. Luckily, Logomaker has an unlimited choice. The impressive part is that some of the templates are free and are made by professional designers who have a knack for branding and logo design.

c)    The free online logo maker and download software allows you to create a logo fast

Logomaker is designed to help you create your logo in a matter of minutes. That’s because it has a simple user interface. You need to click ‘’Start My Logo” button, select my icon, type in the business name, choose your desired color and you are good to go.

d)   The logo maker generator has a long history

People have been using Logomaker to create logos for the last 10 years. It was backed by a venture capitalist and later owned by HP. Some of the logo designs from Logomaker have been featured in magazines and publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, and Communication Arts. Not to forget that Logomaker has created more than 3 million logos as of this writing.


With these benefits, it’s easy to see why Logomaker is one of the best logo maker generators out there. Any free logo maker generator in this day and age should allow you to make logos in a matter of minutes. You can only think of a custom design logo if your business can manage the cost.