Implement These Killer Logo Design Trends When Designing Your Logo with Logo Maker Generator

Technology is moving fast. Every moment we turn around, there is a new brand that’s launching. And that presents a big challenge to existing businesses. It means that they have to create something unique for customers to remember their brands. One thing business people have found out that can differentiate their brands from competitors is the logo. That’s why they are willing to spend a ton of money to get unique and eye-catching logo designs. But an impactful and memorable logo design is not all about quality and uniqueness. It also includes knowing the latest trends and using them. That said, here are the logo design trends to look for when designing your logo using logo make generator.

Many logos created using logo maker generators feature creative typography

Typography is one of the most crucial elements in logo design. It contributes to the aesthetic value of any logo as we see in websites, CD covers, billboards, and posters. While most business owners prefer simple designs for their logos, creativity of typography is important in this day and time where people are obsessed with colored visuals. Creative typography can help you succeed in your branding efforts, and avoid complicacy. It also helps you come up with a unique logo, pass across the right brand message, and grab the attention of customers instantly.

Logo maker generators are used to create colorful and clear logos

Grabbing the attention of prospective customers can be a challenge in this day and age where every brand is hard at work to do so. But creating a colorful and clear logo can help your business grab customers’ attention quickly. While experts recommend using one distinguishable color for a logo. Using more than one color creatively can enhance your logo. Brands like YouTube and Instagram have excelled by using multiple colors in their logos.

Brands are excelling by using geometric shapes when designing logos with free logo maker software

While typography is quickly becoming popular in the logo design world these days, use of geometric shapes is also becoming popular. More large and small businesses are using minimal geometry shapes. So expect logos created in 2018 to have a lot of minimal geometry shapes.

Logo designers are increasing creating logos with negative space using free logo maker software

If you are an internet scavenger, you must have seen numerous websites that have logos that feature negative space. This trend has been underground for quite some time, but it’s coming back with a bang. And it’s expected to take 2018 by storm because logos are changing from shapes to texts. Any experienced logo designer can tell you that letters offer a clear playground for experimentation. It can play a crucial role in hiding symbols.

Gradients are common trends in logo making with logo maker generators

Some business owners think that the time for gradients is up. If that statement describes you, you need to think again. From 2016 through to 2017, gradients were used to create truly unique and eye-catching logos. But it still shows momentum to rock 2018. If you’re thinking of incorporating a few colors in your logo, it’s a good idea to go with a gradient design. You can come up with an attractive logo by positioning gradients with a massive, bulky font that no customer who sets eye on it will disregard.


Other logo design trends that are becoming popular today include subtle animations and metaphorical logo concepts. It is important that you know the logo designs that are in vogue so that you can create something that resonates with the modern buyer. 

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